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Meet The Ness Bus Tour Guides

Our greatest asset; your passionate, knowledgeable, entertaining Driver-Guides. They work hard to make your tour interesting, enjoyable and unique!

One of Tour Guides: Donald


As you can see, Donald is a Scot. And a proud one at that.

Donald has been a Tour Guide around Scotland for the past 13 years, and been with the Ness Bus team since we started touring in 2013.

...But Donald wasn’t always a tour guide.

You see, he is a Civil-Engineer by trade - started out building roads. And when he watched the tour buses drive past, he noticed they were missing all the best bits. As an amateur historian, Donald thought he could do better. So he became a tour guide in order to show people the REAL Scotland. Before long, he was getting comments like this...

“Amazing tour. Our tour guide Donald had the best stories and we stopped at so many places that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to see on such a short trip. A must see for visitors to Edignburugh and I truly mean it...Hope you will all visit them and support their business because its a great tour with honourable ethics.” - Dani T., Brighton and Hove

“The knowledge of Donald is remarkable, I'm sure you could pretty much ask him any question about Scotland or Scottish people (alive or dead!) and he'd have an interesting answer. His stories are also all very entertaining, and it's not like other tours where you get bored of someone talking at you - I was surprised by how engaged I was throughout the day.” - Liz M

You’re guaranteed to feel the same. And if not? You get the tour for free!

Meet the rest of our Ness Bus Team. Every one of them is a true Scot. There’s no-one better to show you around.

One of Tour Guides: Donald


Ryan is an Edinburgh boy, born-and-bred. A family man, Ryan's a dad to 4 kids who've turned his hair grey pretty quickly over the last few years. A natural tour guide, 39 years' old, and suffering from a mid-life crisis, he wants to "run a marathon before he dies" (...better hurry up!!) and enjoys discovering Scotland's lesser-known spots with his family on his time away from work.

An ex-boyband member, they don't come friendlier than Ryan.

Just ignore his bad jokes (...it’s the only way to make him stop!). Ryan joined the company in early 2016, and has proven quite a hit with our guests:

"This excursion was one of the the highlights of my six-week trek around Scotland. As with any guided tour, the guide can make, or break, the experience. Ryan, completely made it. Knowledgeable and passionate about a wealth of historical people, places and occurrences; he delivered factual and anecdotal information married with well-timed wit and charm. Thank-you, Ryan, for a 'verra fine' day in the Highlands. Aye! Highly recommended." - Susan Y, Canada

"We thought the trip was going to be boring on the way to Loch Ness so we brought two books for our 12 hour (roughly) round trip around Scotland, but we never even touched them! Our guide, Ryan, was so entertaining and informative about the local and national history that we were were rarely pulled away from his stories. Thanks Ryan, you're the best!" - RPPJester, California

"We saw WAY more than I ever expected! Our guide, Ryan, was very nice and had all sorts of fun facts that I hadn't heard--and I work at a visitor's attraction in Edinburgh. It was refreshing to hear about the clan history, geology and pop-culture, no matter how cheesy the jokes got. I would 100% recommend this day excursion as a mini trip to a bit of the highlands and might even go again with another friend!" - Redheadrightthere, Edinburgh

One of Tour Guides: Donald


Paddy grew up in the Scottish Borders, in a village called Innerleithen, 30 miles south of Edinburgh. An avid fan of Edinburgh's premier football team, "Heart of Midlothian" aka 'Hearts' (named after Sir Walter Scott's infamous novel of the same name), Paddy's interests are football (normally watching Hearts), beer (sometimes whilst watching Hearts play), and listening to his favourite band, Coldplay (sometimes whilst drinking beer and watching Hearts).

Paddy spends a couple of days a week in the office, so if you phone or email us, he might be the one to reply. Paddy's a keen photographer, and also collects replica football shirts in his spare time, much to the delight of his girlfriend. Paddy will enchant you with his dry sense of humour, and will share with you his keen love of Scottish history and folklore. Here's what some of our guests had to say about him:

"This trip was a great adventure from its beginning to the very end. It was not only because of the places we saw but mainly because of our brilliant driver and guide Paddy. During the whole day we visited one of the working distilleries, had many beautiful views of the Scottish Highlands, enjoyed the cruise on Loch Ness and heard a vast number of breathtaking stories. The only shortcoming of the trip was that we didn't see the famous Nessie :)" - Michaela K, Slovakia

"The best tour i have ever been on ever. So much knowledge and making the scottish history come alive. The amazing tourguide Paddy we had was fun and knowledgable. He made us all laugh and really love the tour. We stopped all over the place on our way to Loch Ness. And im for sure going to go back and do the tour again and again. Thats how good it is." - Anna H, Stockholm, Sweden

"The guide, Paddy, (and driver at the same time) was really friendly, funny and he had a lot of historical stories! He knew every detail about castles, battles and general history of Scotland. It was definitely informative and interesting to connect the stories to what you were seeing outside. Our friend told us about this tour and it was absolutely amazing!" - Lise_van_Wijk, Netherlands

One of Tour Guides: Donald


Jon grew up in the town of Falkirk, which sits roughly halfway between Scotland's two largest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Jon's a big fan of his local football team, Falkirk F.C. Jon then moved to a place called Kinbrace in Northern Scotland, and became the Highlands' foremost 'Haggis Hunter'.

When not chasing wild haggis around the countryside, Jon can mostly be found 'bus spotting' around Scotland. A real bus enthusiast, Jon knows literally everything there is to know about buses! One might suspect he enjoys driving our shiny new buses just a little toooooooo much!

He returned to his roots and settled down in West Lothian with his family a few years ago. He loves everything Scottish, from Irn-Bru to the proverbial 'deep-fried Mars Bar', and loves to tell a story ( ...or 10!) about his travels, legends and history of his home country. The 'New kid on the block', Jon joined the company in mid-2016.

"A soon as we got on the bus Jon entertained us with historical facts and jokes which lasted all day apart from the music interludes from Scottish bands. I would highly recommend this as a day out you will learn a lot of historical facts and have loads of fun. Thanks again Jon." - Phil B., England

"Jon was extremely knowledgeable about every location and Scotland's rich history. He had a different story for each location. My favourite being the stolen stone. The sights of the highlands are indescribable. Shockingly beautiful! And Lochness is amazing! A must do tour!" - Jordan, Ottawa, Canada